How many types of tire studs?

July 10, 2024

Tire studs can be divided into many types according to the material, purpose and size. Here are some common types of tire studs:

By material

It can be divided into metal studs and non-metal studs.

Metal studs are usually made of metal, such as steel or aluminum alloy. Including straight studs, spiral studs, etc., these studs can be used to increase the grip of tires on ice, snow or slippery roads, but they may also cause certain damage to the road surface and tires.

In order to reduce damage to the road surface and improve driving comfort, some studs made of non-metallic materials (such as plastics or composite materials) are also designed to provide similar grip effects. Such studs are usually made of rubber or other soft synthetic materials, designed to reduce damage to tires and roads while providing certain grip. They are usually used in situations where higher safety is required, such as snow tires or certain types of anti-skid tires.

By purpose

Grip studs are designed to provide additional grip on ice and snow roads, but their design focuses more on reducing damage to the road surface than traditional metal studs.

Spinning screws are often used in tires for motorcycles, bicycles, or other special vehicles. They are designed to help provide good grip and reduce vibration and noise on non-ice and snowy roads.

Clamp screws are usually designed to clamp onto the tire tread without penetrating the tire sidewall. They are used in some special applications or racing.

Ice tire screws are usually designed for ice racing. Their shape and length may vary according to racing needs and rules.

By size and specifications and reusable

Tire studs may also be classified according to their specifications such as size, length, diameter, and thread. These specifications are usually determined by tire type, usage environment, and needs.

Some tire studs are designed to be removable or reusable, which is convenient for users to install and remove when needed. This design helps reduce waste and potential damage to tires.

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