Tire studs for Winter

December 28, 2022

Today, the temperature is still low and cold, and even many areas are still closed by heavy snow. Today, we will talk about what kind of tires can ensure the safety of driving in snow. Snow driving, anti-skid is very important, of course, choose non-skid nails snow tires. Many love to play drift motorcyclists, love to challenge snow road drift, seemingly fun, but in fact very dangerous, ordinary tires can not go on the slope one by one. What to do? Jinxin has a big move - non-slip nails.

Many people do not want to change snow tires. One is the trouble. To change four tires, you need to buy new tires, and you have to unload the old ones and install the new ones. The second is expensive, winter tires are generally specially designed for snow road conditions. Snow is easy to fall in winter, but many people still choose to use cars to travel. This kind of winter tire is suitable for the average depth of snow, dry road and wet road mixed conditions. It provides extra manoeuvring, tracking, and high speeds while maintaining winter tyres in the face of snow and icy roads. But the price is unusual.

In fact, you can choose non-skid nails snow tires, in the case of not replacing tires, you can nail non-skid nails into your original car tires, and hard alloy non-skid nails price is not expensive, convenient and affordable. The tyre has carbide cleat for snow and ice conditions. Anti-skid effect is greatly increased. What's more, this kind of non-skid nails can be detachable, to the non-snow ice road conditions can be pulled out of the nails, and the high wear resistance and hardness of the nails can be reused.

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