Do you know the purpose of tire studs?

September 12, 2023

Do you know the purpose of tire studs?

Tire studs are a device used to improve the firmness and handling of a vehicle in low traction or icy conditions. They are mainly suitable for areas with long winters and thick ice and snow accumulation, such as Northern Europe, North America, Russia, etc.

They are useful in the following situations:

Driving on ice and snow roads: When driving on ice and snow roads, the vehicle's tires tend to slip, reducing traction. Tire studs can provide extra grip, help the vehicle control and move forward better, and reduce the risk of skidding.

Off-Road Driving: When driving on mud, sand, gravel roads and uneven terrain, the vehicle can get stuck or trapped in traps. Tire studs can provide extra firmness to help your vehicle overcome these obstacles.

Mountainous areas and rugged areas: When driving in mountainous areas and rugged areas, tire studs can increase the vehicle's climbing ability on steep slopes and braking control on steep slopes.

Sports on ice or frozen lakes: Used for ice sports such as ice racing, tire studs can help vehicles or equipment stay secure on icy surfaces.

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