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September 26, 2023

Anti slip nails are tire accessories that are directly embedded into the surface of the tire to increase the anti slip ability and safety performance of the tire, while making the tire more beautiful. The style and function of the anti slip nails can also be chosen by users. Currently, they are widely used in Nordic, North American, Russia and other regions, mainly suitable for areas with long winter time and thick ice and snow accumulation. In addition, for off-road, racing and other areas that require uneven terrain, The high-risk driving style of driving in harsh road conditions also requires the protection of anti-skid nails.

Different models of anti slip nails can be used for different tires, and any vehicle's tires can be specially designed with anti slip nails. There are even anti slip nails designed for hiking boots. However, there are many options for anti slip measures for shoes, and anti slip nails do not have an absolute competitive advantage. Therefore, the use of anti slip nails mainly includes cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

A series of inspections for JXstuds  will be carried out, mainly including stress corrosion cracking, fatigue failure analysis, surface roughness, dimension accuracy, anti-corrosion performance, and so on.

About JXstuds

Zhuzhou Jinxin Studs Co., Ltd. integrates the production, R&D, sale and technical service of cemented carbide products. Based on its production advantages of cemented carbide, our company boasts world advanced production technologies, a strong R&D team, world-class CNC indexable blade and supporting cutter production lines, solid carbide turning tool production lines, mechanically-clamped and welding blade production lines, nonmetallic ceramic blade and structural part production lines, finished die processing lines and mining tool production lines, and a R&D center integrating R&D and application into a whole.We mainly operate Jinxin brand, tire studs and carbide pin ,is one of our main export products.Being assembled with the outer shell of tire studs, which can be fixed to the surfact if tire as a whole for antiskid effect. Through nearly four years of exploration and experience accumation, production technology and quality control measures of our company have been fully mature.Our products have been well sold around the world with a good reputation. With independent import & export rights, our company has built a sincere, dedicated and skilled sales team and a computer management system with the functions of sales management, technical consultation, after-sales service, warehouse & logistics and customer management, to meet customers' requirements with more professional and rapid service.

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