Why is the core of Jinxin winter tire anti slip nails made of hard alloy material?

October 21, 2023

Hard alloy is a material made by sintering cobalt based alloy and high hardness carbide powder. This material has a higher hardness than common metal materials and has excellent wear resistance and deformation resistance. In severe winter road icing conditions, the core of Jingxin winter tire anti slip nails needs to withstand continuous friction and impact force, so it must have sufficient strength and hardness to maintain long-term durability. The selection of hard alloy can balance strength and hardness, ensuring that the nail core is not easily deformed or damaged under harsh conditions.

The main purpose of winter tire anti slip nails is to provide better grip and make the vehicle more stable and safe on ice and snow roads. The nail core made of hard alloy material has multiple sharp tips, which can better penetrate ice and snow, increasing the contact area between the tread and the road surface. Compared with conventional metal materials, under the same conditions, the nail core of hard alloy materials can provide stronger grip on ice and snow roads, greatly reducing the risk of side slip and slipping.

The traditional winter tire nail core material is mostly made of steel, which often leaves a large number of marks after use, causing certain damage to the road surface and environment. And hard alloy materials, due to their good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, long service life, and less prone to fragmentation during use, do not require frequent replacement, which can reduce resource consumption and environmental impact, and have good sustainability.

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