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This line gives JXstuds a good design. It is created by details such as seams, openings, pleats, gathers, folds, top titles, and trims. It defines the form and shape of this product. .
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  • Congratulate Zhuzhou Jinxin got two new Certificates!
    Congratulate Zhuzhou Jinxin got two new Certificates!
    congratulate Zhuzhou Jinxin got two new Certificates
  • we will win, we believe!
    we will win, we believe!
    Zhuzhou Jinxin was established in 2009, and located in Zhuzhou, Hunan province, China's famous cemented carbide production base. After decades of growth, we gradually take the construction of listed companies as the blueprint for development. We will focus on the development of cemented carbide, mining machinery, engineering tools, auto parts, new energy, leisure sports equipment industry. It has 4 subsidiaries and 2 shareholding companies.
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