Tungsten Carbide Tips For Trekking Poles

June 15, 2023

If you want to hike the mountain to experience the feelings of the ancients, or just want to feel the beauty of nature, you can choose a hiking pole with tungsten cobalt alloy tip, not only to keep the body balanced, but also to reduce the pressure on the knee, and occasionally in distress can "save life". 

Now, the spring is proud, we always said to try hiking,  also want experience the feelings of the ancient people climbing high and looking far! Wear ten thousand water, thousands of mountains, chasing wind and rain, enjoy flowers and grass, what a happy thing! Then, one day, about two or three friends, it really happened. After coming back,  feel the beauty of nature at the same time, mountaineering can really exercise the body, hone people's will ah! At the same time, I also thought about if lack of tungsten-cobalt alloy pole tips, it really let the knee bear a lot of pressure.

Tungsten-cobalt pole tip is the most easily worn part, and it is also the place that best reflects the durability of the trekking pole. Tungsten cobalt alloy materials made of climbing pole tip, sharp hard, strong strong, hard texture wear-resistant, easy to use, convex and concave design, safe and detailed, non-slip design, grip more firm, fear the harsh environment, not easy to slip and other phenomena. Of course, in the face of bumpy roads or more road conditions, but also more love to extend the life of tungsten cobalt alloy pole tip.

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