Precautions for Installing JXstuds Tire Studs | JX Studs

October 10, 2023

In order to ensure that tire studs provide optimal traction and anti-skid performance on icy and snow-covered roads and minimize damage to the tires, the correct installation of tire studs is very important. Here are a few important considerations for tire stud installation.

Stud type: You should make sure you choose the right studs for your vehicle and driving needs. Different types of tire studs are suitable for different types of tires and vehicles.

Number and location of installation: Studs should be evenly distributed across the tire tread and are usually installed at regular intervals. Make sure you install enough to provide good traction, but don't install so many that it affects ride comfort.

Tools and Materials: Use supplied tools for installation.

Tire pressure: Before installing studs, check whether the tire pressure is normal. Tire pressure should comply with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations to ensure that the studs fit properly and function properly.

Tire Surface: Before installation, clean the tire tread to make sure there is no dirt, mud or oil. A clean surface will help the studs fit securely.

Installation Depth: Studs should be installed correctly into the tire tread, ensuring a secure fit but not penetrating the inner layer of the tire. In general, studs installation depth should be determined based on the manufacturer's recommendations.

Manufacturer's Recommendations: Consult the tire stud manufacturer for instructions and follow recommended installation methods and procedures. Different makes and models of studs may have different installation requirements.

Following these precautions will help ensure that your tire studs safely and effectively provide the traction you need and reduce unnecessary damage to your tires.

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