Four Basic Stages of Preparing Hard Alloy Anti slip Nails

October 21, 2023

Do you want to know how hard alloy anti slip nails are prepared? The editor takes you into the world of hard alloy anti slip nails and unveils the mystery. There are four basic stages in the preparation of hard alloy anti slip nails: removal of forming agent and pre firing stage, solid phase sintering stage, liquid phase sintering stage, and cooling stage

The first stage: removal of forming agent and pre firing stage. At this stage, the surface oxides of the powder are reduced, and at sintering temperature, hydrogen can reduce the oxides of cobalt and tungsten. The contact stress between the powder particles gradually disappears, and the bonded metal powder begins to recover and recrystallize. Surface diffusion begins to occur, and the strength of the compactor increases. Phase 2: Solid phase sintering stage. The sintered body exhibits significant shrinkage. The third stage: liquid phase sintering stage. Produce crystalline transformation, forming the basic structure and structure of the alloy. Stage 4: Cooling stage. The microstructure and phase composition of tungsten steel undergo certain changes with different cooling conditions.

Finally, the hard alloy anti slip nails need to pass the inspection, and only those that pass the inspection can be stored and packaged. Finally, they are sold out of the warehouse, marking the beginning of their legendary anti slip life. The characteristics of hard alloy anti slip nails are: long service life, wear-resistant and durable, detachable, and reusable.

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